Phoenix Fire Gatherings are a twice annual gathering of the like-minded people in the Greater Phoenix Arizona Metropolitan area. Average attendance is usually 250-500 from various groups in the Valley.

The January event is called the “Hearth Fire Gathering” and is centered around Hearth Culture presentation and traditions with a focus each year on a different culture.  The May event is called the “Bael Fire Gathering” and is centered around Mythos that are indigenous to many of the different cultures on Earth. This events are intended to highlight what makes us so similar to one another.

Both events are feature multiple vendors, presentations and workshops, food on-site, and a cash bar.  Each event sponsors and fosters Community togetherness, and involvement with a focus each year on fellowship.

People of all faiths are invited to attend and listen in on discussions and/or participate in workshops designed to bring the awareness of our deep spiritual connection to our Ancestors more into the public awareness.

Hearth Fire 2018: A Pirate’s Life for Me

Stay tuned as we ramp up and begin preparations for Hearth Fire 2018!

Ahoy all swashbucklers, wenches, and even you landlubbers!  Yo ho ho and a bottle (or three) of rum!  The pirates are taking up land and invading Phoenix!

Grab yer Matey and come out ready to pillage the town!

The theme will focus around Pirate culture and history.  We will begin accepting applications for Vendors approximately 3 months before the event.  All Sponsors and Volunteers are encouraged to get their applications in early!