At Phoenix Fire Gatherings, we focus on honoring our ancestors. Do you have a loved one who has left this world? Let us honor them at our next event. We will be starting a Memorial Area at Hearth Fire, where you can bring a portable shrine for everyone to honor them during the event.

Need some ideas? Here are some photos and instructions put together to help you out!

A portable shrine can be made from just about any box or tin. One popular container is an Altoid tin, but any small tin or box will work. You can decorate with paint, sequins, and pictures, even print favorite words or phrases on inkjet magnetic sheets and cut them out to include in your portable shrine. You can carry an Altoid tin shrine-let in your pocket.
For the purpose of the “Table of Memories” the goal is to honor those who have passed from the community, our ancestors, and loved ones at Balefire/Hearthfire and Samhain events. The maker of the shrine is responsible for transporting it to and from events. A table will be provided.
There will be limited supplies for decorating shrine make-and-take boxes at the event. Bring your own box and pictures of loved ones to add to your shrine. Supplies include but are not limited to: markers, stickers, sequins, silk flowers, ribbon, glue, and fancy paper.

  1. No glass, valuables, perfumes, or lit candles. Some venues such as parks will not allow glass containers. Others will not allow fire. Battery operated mini lights are encouraged.
  2. Be creative. Include sayings, poems, stories about your loved one, fancy paper, paint, flowers, and anything you can fit in the box. If you want it and it won’t fit, get a bigger box.
  3. If your box won’t stand up by itself, take the back off a cheap frame and paste the “kickstand” to your box.


Do you want the opportunity to make your portable shrine before Hearth Fire?  Check out this workshop at Phoenix Pagan Pride Day!